Clinker Coat

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Every captain needs a good coat. A distinctive, classically designed middle-length single breasted trench. Spun in a walnut wool and lined with sleek golden silk. The Clinker Coat is made to warm your shoulders over any Old Salt combination, or to simply aid in weathering whatever storms Old Poseiden may throw your way.

Made and sourced with love by the Silk Co.

To keep your silks looking and feeling golden for as long as they live, we recommend a cool hand wash with an eco friendly detergent. Properly soak and gently scrub your garments, then give them a fresh water rinse. Once properly washed, softly press the water out of the items. Shake the garment to get any creases out. Turn garments inside out to hang in the shade to dry to avoid sun bleaching of the naturally dyed fabric.


Note: Steam iron only, do not machine wash, do not tumble dry.