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The Silk co.

The Silk co. | Sustainable Raw Silk Fabric | Byron Bay

The Silk co. was born from the curiosity of tales told of near and far. About the lands and the seas, of trade routes, piracy and treasures of all kinds. Based in Byron Bay and hand crafted by a small boutique tailor, our pieces are bought to life in a fair and safe work environment in a quaint store, down a cobble stone lane, amongst the bustling streets of India.


The Silk co. is crafted from the finest sustainable silk fabrics as well as cotton, wool and linen. These pieces have been created specifically to be as timeless as the fabric itself. Our ethos is to leave nothing but stories behind. In saying this, our silks as well as our other natural fabrics will return to the earth one day, leaving a minimal footprint behind. It’s been our dream to create the most elegant of pieces which breathe with the body and become more beautiful with age and wear. 

The Silk co. is a lifestyle, a feeling, a sense of freedom.

It is more than just a clothing label. Our collection was created for the wanderers, the dreamers, the voyagers - all of us who know there is something worth exploring.

Our Tale

About Lon  

"My mother sent me this photo not too long ago in 2019. It was taken when I was about 9 years old when my Ma and Pa took my brother and I on yet another adventure. This one happened to be out to sea on an old timber ship. We went sailing for the day. I don't remember too much about the day, however, I will never forget the feeling it gave me, the sense of freedom, utter joy and that goofy smile that was stuck on my face.  It feels clear my passion for a unique life started young. I have always had a connection to the sea and spend my days drifting off to thoughts of being on an Island far away. This brand is my way of expressing the life I dream of. 


I’ve had a passion for threads and adventure since I can remember. Sometimes these two passions don't work so well together - especially when you’re living in an old Kombi van and your clothes come flooding out every time you open the door.  This is all part of the journey I suppose - learning to live and grow with what you have. Time passed by and I now live in the beautiful hills of Byron Bay in a hand built treehouse. This is where the fresh ideas of Silk came to life and began to blossom. In 2018 I took some time out from the hustle and bustle of every day life and decided I needed to focus on what I really wanted in life. I moved onto my Ma’s houseboat and soaked up the glorious sunshine and began to breathe life into my dreams. I hopped around for the next few months drawing ideas and inspiration from my life’s tale, scribbling on pieces of paper until my fingers hurt. 


By the beginning of 2019 I was home again, planning my trip to India with the intention of reuniting with a tailor who I had met four years earlier, on a previous adventure. The funny thing was, I did not have any of his contact details nor did I know if he was still there, me being me, I could not resist the adventure of the unknown. I booked my flights and off I went, with nothing but a good feeling inside. When I finally arrived to that same bustling street I had met him on 4 years ago, my heart began to pump with eager excitement. I walked down the cobble stone lane and as I approached his shop I saw a slightly older version of the man I once remembered. He was still sitting in his spot sipping his steaming hot chai as he smoked what seemed to be a never ending cigarette. Over the next two weeks I watched as my pencil sketched designs became beautiful threads and my tailors became friends."


"This is the beginning of my Silk story."