Our Fabric




We use pure Noil silk fabric which is also commonly known as Raw silk.

Raw Silk is a very unique fabric made purely by silk worms. The worms create a cocoon made from their own saliva, this process creates the silk fibres  which are then used to make our fabric. Our silk is all ethically and sustainably produced as our fabric weavers wait for the Pupa (which is the moth that the silk worm turns into) to exit the cocoon when ready. Once this beautiful and delicate process is completed, and the cocoons are empty, they are then placed into boiling water for the silk fibres to unravel, ready for weaving. During this natural process mulberry leaves and sticks sometimes become apart of the cocoon and can be then weaved into the fabric it self, leaving us with a little sweet reminder of how raw this fabric really is.

We use two different grades of raw silk. These are one ply and two ply. One ply is the lightest of the two grades. It is slightly translucent and a perfect Spring to Summer material. Two ply is a thicker, non translucent fabric but is also lightweight. This material is perfect for all year round.

Raw silk has a matte surface finish and is more rough than the common silk fabric, it’s made from the shorter fibres left after combing the fabric. We love that we can use all parts of the silk fibres to create minimal wastage.

Raw silk is a delicate yet durable fabric which drapes effortlessly over our bodies beautiful lumps, bumps and curves. It is resistant to wrinkles and easy to care for if treated nicely. 


How to care for your silks

To keep your silks looking and feeling golden for as long as they live, we recommend a cool hand wash with an eco friendly detergent. Properly soak and gently scrub your garments, then give them a fresh water rinse. Once properly washed, softly press the water out of the items. Shake the garment to get any creases out. Turn garments inside out to hang in the shade to dry to avoid sun bleaching of the naturally dyed fabric.


Note: Steam iron only, do not machine wash, do not tumble dry.